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For the past three years, I have been the District Director for SCORE. As a district Director I have responsibilities from Huntsville, AL to Tallahassee FL and west to Mobile, AL During my time with SCORE I have used help create 3 new SCORE chapters and personally mentored hundreds of Clients.

I have helped create three new SCORE chapters and personally mentored hundreds of Clients.

My expertise in Trademarks, Licensing, Copyrights, TV production, publishing,  graphics, writing, funding, Social Media, and more.


Ebooks and more

over the past 10 years, I have authored many books and ebooks.

Subjects include:

Parenting, business, politics, social media and much more. Learn More


Ministry Experience

  • Experienced Lecturer
  • Teacher
  • Conference leader
  • Author
  • Television and Audio Production

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God has provided a variety of experiences that get me to today.

Started out as a Preachers Kid in NC and then Ohio.  Didn’t really care for the phrase “PK” so I renamed myself after one of the biggest and baddest cars in the market, the GTO.  For me, it stands for Great Theologians Offspring.

I have not been called to be a Pastor but God has given me the opportunity to meet Presidents, Actors, Directors, Farmers, Governors and plenty of just plain Americans.

I started my first business at age 14 and by the time I went to Mississippi College I had enough money to write a check from my own bank account to pay for all tuition and books.

Although this was not easy, it began a 40+ year journey to where I am today.

Yes, I am called by God to minister and I enjoy preaching, teaching, wedding and even funerals but I still I am not a Pastor.  Don’t know what you would call me but whatever it is, it is ministry oriented.


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